10 days to go until Sneakertopia opens in Los Angeles

The journey of sneakers by Ben Fearnley exclusively appearing at Sneakertopia

Video Media, Ben Fearnley, 2019


Come see the ultimate sneaker experience, Sneakertopia, opening in Los Angeles Friday October 25.

Sneakertopia is about the journey of the sneaker through its cultures. Ben Fearnley's creation (featured above) greets Sneakertopia guests, follows the journey of sneaker’s interplay with culture, and serves as a representation of the exhibit’s vast installations.

Starting as just an idea, an inspiration on paper, the dream is brought to life. From drawing to design, materials are added, forming the personalized vessel to transport the wearer. To where?

Therein lies the transformative magic: the sneaker's sole role is transport you to anywhere

In this piece, the sneaker participates in sports – not just an element, but a vibrant active contributor, shaping the sport culture itself, and being shaped in return. The sneaker then, in its transformed state is intact and then actively fuels music. It becomes the subject of song, beats, rhyme and video: a movement. Like the sports world before it, the music world interacts with the sneaker and together, music and sneakers are transformed into something greater. 

The sneaker expands to film, creating unforgettable moments on hoverboards and space jams. The creative medium itself grows larger and more potent; both film and the sneaker transform, becoming a greater symbol. Then through the art, fashion, and imagination worlds, the sneaker is the perfect actor. Not only does it take you there, it shapes the environment, and the environment shapes it and its wearer. 

The culture and the vessel are one. Greater.

Take the journey of sneaker's remarkable story; from utilitarian practical footwear through becoming the focal point of entire movements, a universal vessel of self-expression, creativity and individuality, contributing to and growing within its environments: Sneakertopia is a personal journey through what would otherwise seem like disparate cultures, all unified and made more powerful through its common denominator, the Sneaker.

Sneakertopia opens Oct 25, 2019 in Los Angeles for a limited engagement. Get tickets now.