The Playground: Sneakers x Sports


James Haunt Sneakertopia Featured Artist

Mural Design, James Haunt, 2019


9 days to go until Sneakertopia opens in Los Angeles

Come see the ultimate sneaker experience, Sneakertopia, opening in Los Angeles Friday October 25.

“It's awesome, being involved in graffiti and in art. I'm not trying to be the best, I'm just trying to contribute and show what I do. There is an insane amount of artists, my friends, that do beautiful, beautiful works; ultimately to see them shine and to see them progress and get better, fuels me. It fuels me to want to go that much harder, to stay up later, wake up earlier and just hit it harder, hit it heavier.” — James Haunt, Sneakertopia Featured Artist

Featuring original creations by James Haunt, Tyson Park, Jonas Never, Ron Bass and Matthew Laurence Knott, step into a collection of street courts showcasing some of the most important sports heroes in sneaker history. Sneaker culture actually begins in the sports world, with the first collaboration between Chuck Taylor and Converse in 1922. Since then, professional athletes have led the way in pushing the technology, fashion and culture of sneakers forward. This is form meets function at its finest. 

Sneakertopia opens Oct 25, 2019 in Los Angeles for a limited engagement. Get tickets now.