The History of Sneakertopia's Sneaker Conventions

Sneaker conventions have been a staple to this community for some time now and will continue to be so. With record amounts of sneakerheads in the world, the multi-faceted importance of sneaker conventions is at an all-time high. By far, the most popular sneaker market is StockX. StockX verifies that sneakers are real and deadstock in order to protect buyers. For this service, StockX fees start at 10%, which is certainly a notable amount. Sneaker Conventions let buyers and sellers circumvent the transaction fees that are typical to online sneaker markets, allowing for more accessible price points on everyone’s favorite shoes. Not only that, but conventions foster an inviting community that has been key to the market’s longevity thus far. Undeniably, lifelong friends and connections are made at sneaker conventions.

Sneakertopia, located in the HHLA mall, is no stranger to hosting these types of conventions; DunkXchange, a notable sneaker event, has chosen Sneakertopia as its location several times. Gary, CEO of DunkXchange, was one of the pioneers for open sneaker marketplace events, dating all the way back to 2005. To put it in perspective, Sneakercon, the premier sneaker event, only started in 2009. More recently, on November 13th, GotSole, one of the largest, rotating sneaker exhibitions in the United States, also chose to throw a convention at Sneakertopia. Sneakertopia offers an ideal, on-theme, immersive location, complete with beautiful art installations and over $500k worth of shoes on display. Conventions hosted at Sneakertopia have the unique benefit of an environment that is made for sneakerheads, by sneakerheads, with the goal of advancing the public’s knowledge on the community/market. Coming up later this month, Sneakertopia is hosting a sneaker convention, in partnership with Equvalence, called Lace em’ Up on December 19th. You can purchase tickets here and make sure to stay tuned to our IG page for additional details.

Looking back at our event with GotSole, we had over 100 vendors set up shop in our 18,500 square foot space! Over 2,500 people attended! The convention had raffles, free-throw contests, tons of designer for sale, and pretty much every type of shoe imaginable. Celebrity influencers like Blake Linder, Coco Blake, and Izzy of Cookies n’ Kicks attended. One of the highlights of the event was nevermissallie’s shootout contest with Bronny James! Allie handily beat Bronny in the free throw competition, taking the Union LA x Jordan 1 “Blue Storm” off of his feet as the prize! 

Personally, I picked up a 4:30 on Fairfax fitted and a pair of Yeezy Foam Runners, a shoe I have been looking to pick up since it came out! The event was really a fantastic time, from chopping it up with fellow collectors, to shopping around looking for deals. Events like this give fellow sneaker admirers the opportunity to buy, sell, and trade sneakers while building ties to the local community.