The Most Expensive Shoe in the World: A $1.8 M Prototype Yeezy, comes to Sneakertopia!

On Friday (November 5th), Sneakertopia hosted the world’s most expensive sneaker unboxing. As many probably remember, at the 2009 Grammys, Kanye West stormed the stage while Taylor Swift was accepting her award for Best Female Video, took the mic, and publicly announced that Beyonce should have won the award. The shoe we unboxed was the very same sneaker Kanye wore to the Grammys that night.

The shoe made headlines earlier this year, when publicly traded company, Rares, purchased the Yeezy for $1.8M, setting a new record amount as confirmed by Sotheby’s auction house. Rares purchases rare sneakers and sells stocks to the average consumer who may not be able to afford the most collectible sneakers, but still wants to take part in the investment aspect of the market. As part of our partnership with Rares, the Prototype Yeezy was unveiled during a private party before it went on display at Complexcon.

Differences between the actual Air Yeezy I that was released and the prototype include: a removal of the Y-patterns that run throughout the entire released shoe, full leather in favor of canvas, and no pink sockliner. Nike samples of any kind are extremely valuable, but an event like the 2009 Grammys have brought this shoe into the upper echelon of sneaker collectibles.

At the event, Rares CEO Gerome Sapp, and invited guests, celebrated the unveiling of the shoe and the commencement of its shares being sold on the Rares App. This is only the beginning of our partnership with Rares. 

When asked about the mission statement for Sneakertopia, CEO Steve Harris commented, “Our vision is to celebrate the culture and creativity expressed through sneakers, which truly has become an art form of and for the people. Now with our pioneering Augmented Reality platform, we are able to share that story much more broadly throughout the world, and we are just getting started.”