Family, sneakers and the Los Angeles Lakers: November 7th was special.



Here’s how it went down: The kid and his family was actually here touring the exhibit the day before, November 6.  Akil from Sneakertopia had overheard them talking about the Los Angeles Lakers, and let them in on a behind-the-scenes tip: Troy Daniels from the Lakers was actually going to be there the next day November 7.

…But the catch was that Troy would only be able to drop in after practice – and the kid was actually supposed to be in school.

The mom, like any awesome parent would do, pulled her son out of school so that he could be here to be in the same room with Troy, and even possibly meet Troy. The parents get an A+ in my book.

But that’s not even the coolest thing. After about an hour of touring the space with Sneakertopia CEO Steve Harris, Troy finished up and the Spectrum SportsNet Backstage: Lakers cameras stopped rolling. Troy saw the kid and said, “Hey.” Then the family shared their story with Troy – about being pulled out of school – and Troy was stoked

The kid timidly asked if Troy could sign his sneaker. Troy instantly said, sure – And the kid literally took off his right sneaker and handed it to Troy. Troy signed and shook his hand.

It was amazing. The Spectrum crew hurried to get the cameras rolling again. And Troy invited the family to come watch a game at Staples Center.

The kid and family were beaming. The kid kind of hid his face in his t-shirt. I think he was so overjoyed he was tearing up.

That was a magical moment.

Troy Daniels and the kid’s parents – you can see ’em in the photo – they made that kid’s day, week, year. It was an unforgettable moment that the kid and family will remember, forever.

Thank you Troy. Thank you to the kid and his parents. Thank you Los Angeles Lakers. Thank you Spectrum.

Sneakertopia CEO Steve Harris talks grails with Troy Daniels of the Los Angeles Lakers in The Festival area of the Sneakertopia Exhibit. Wall mural by ManOne.


Steve and Troy discuss space flight while immersed in Tommii Lim’s (@tommii on Instagram) futuristic nod to sneakers and Elon Musk.

teve and Troy check out the true-to-scale 20-foot Adidas Superstar made out of recycled cardboard by artist Smoluk ( on Instagram). Wall mural by Mimi Yoon.