Forty Acres and a Mule Limited Merch Drop


Opening as a storefront in 1990, Spike’s Joint became a hot spot for scoring movie merchandise and memorabilia inspired by Spike Lee’s films or “joints”. Spike’s Joint would go on to be a tourist attraction with fans coming in busloads to pick up shirts, jackets, baseball jerseys and caps. The 40 Acres & A Mule clothing line would go on to make its mark in pop culture being worn by prominent athletes and entertainers and pieces like the X Cap being regarded as a staple in street wear culture. Spike’s Joint lives on today through 40ACRES.COM as the legacy continues on into the 21st century.

And that’s da double truth, Ruth!

Sneakertopia has limited quantities of Forty Acres and a Mule T-shirts, knit caps and Boycott Sal’s T-shirts. Come to Sneakertopia to get yours — while they last.

PS. You might even find signed prints by the man himself, ya dig.