Step into a celebration of one of the most unique cultural phenomenons of this generation. Sneakertopia brings guests along the journey of what started as an article of clothing and turned into a global culture. Through immersive art installations, the audience is encouraged to step into the world of sneakers and all of its connected cultures – sports, music, film, art, design, fashion. Ultimately, guests are empowered to put their own footprint on each scene. This is a sneaker utopia. This is Sneakertopia.


Artists: David Kaul, Jade Ramey

From Sneaker to Culture



Step into the history of sneaker culture. This fully enveloping storyboard mural brings you through the deep, multi-faceted journey – from the first Converse All Stars in 1917 to the debut of the first Jordans in 1984 to the prevalence of limited edition retailers and resellers of today. Once inside the mural, you will notice a sketch of a 1980s retro TV set light up with an intro video that visually narrates the transition of sneaker to culture.


Artists: David Kaul (Mural) and Ben Fearnley)

The Playground:
Sneakers x Sports



Step into a collection of street courts showcasing some of the most important sports heroes in sneaker history. Sneaker culture actually begins in the sports world, with the first collaboration between Chuck Taylor and Converse in 1922. Since then, professional athletes have led the way in pushing the technology, fashion and culture of sneakers forward. This is form meets function at its finest.


Artists: James Haunt, Tyson Park, Ron Bass, Jonas Never, Matthew Laurence Knott

The Festival:
Sneakers x Music



Step into a sneakerhead festival, flanked by three stages honoring some of the greatest musician collaborations in sneaker history. Sneaker culture experienced a pivotal moment when thousands of Run DMC fans held their Adidas during the group’s ‘My Adidas’ performance at Madison Square Garden. This set the stage for a continuing lineup of some of the most influential sneaker and album drops in history.

Artists: Man One, Syndrome Studios, Lindsay Sochar, Mario Nava

The Backlot:
Sneakers x Film



Step into satirical scenes of some of the most significant moments and trends at the intersection of sneakers and entertainment. Film has been instrumental in moving sneaker culture towards the future; Marty McFly’s Nike Mags are now a reality (and some of the most expensive collectible sneakers on the market). Video games are now fueling the next generation of sneakerheads, with players designing, wearing and selling their own shoes as digital currency.

Artists: McFlyy, Tommii Lim, Ben Fearnley


Download the ART HOUSE app (via the App Store) to view the augmented Back to the Future IV movie poster by McFlyy and Ben Fearnley

The Art and Sole Gallery



Step into a gallery featuring artists who have infused their passion for sneakers into their body of work, from custom kicks to sneaker sculptures. In the 1980s, sneaker culture and a new generation of artists grew up together. This has resulted in a great interplay between art and sneakers. The sneaker has become both the canvases and the subject matter for a new genre of pop art.

Artists: Jason Dussault, Kickstradomis, Sophie Marazzo, Stomping Ground Customs, Katty Customs, Smoluk, Ron Bass, Mimi Yoon, Toygami

The Frugal Pop-Up:
Sneakers x Streetwear



Step into a parody pop-up and start window shopping; if Supreme and Flight Club had a baby, this would be their room. Streetwear and sneaker collaborations have not only amplified the attention given to the culture, but have also increased the retail prices. Along with the limited edition format of release, this has fueled a strong secondary market, where sneakers become an art investment.


Artists: Ron Bass, Lindsay Sochar, Mario Nava

The Dream Room



Step into the luxurious living room of a lifelong sneakerhead, the bookend to the teenage sneakerhead’s bedroom. As the culture has grown, so has the perception and value of the sneaker – as a piece of art, as an investment, as a symbol of luxury. Collectors have sneaker vaults to house their prized possessions, online auctions allow individuals to resell sneakers globally, while fine art auctions set record sneaker sales.

Artists: Michael Murphy (aka Perceptual Art), Ben Fearnley, Adam Fu

Download the ART HOUSE app to view the augmented mural by Ben Fearnley.

Limited Edition:
The Store



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